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Commercial Roofing | Dallas Texas

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Commercial Roofing Dallas Texas

Holden Roofing’s strong reputation throughout the commercial roofing industry dates back more than 50 years. We recognize that roof leaks and repairs cause costly downtime to both your business and your tenants. Our commercial roofing division is accustomed to working on large scale projects and will out perform all other crews in the city. We over-staff our projects to get the job done on-time. Holden Roofing tightly controls the entire process, making sure each job is done right the first time.


St.Stephen United Methodist Church

Composition Roof

 Commercial roofing in Austin Texas

Nepco International

Metal Roof


Calvary Baptist Church

Composition Roof

Holden Roofing Commercial

Hyde Park Crescent Townhomes

Composition Roof


Holden Roofing’s Commercial Shingle Division services multi-family developments, motels, and churches.  Holden Roofing’s account managers, dispatchers and crews are available 24/7 to respond to any roofing emergencies. Re-roof jobs are gracefully performed with speed. You can count on Holden Roofing to protect your property, minimize the inconvenience to your tenants, and to always maintain a tidy work area.

Holden Roofing’s Low Slope and Metal Division specializes in: built-up roofing, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, R-Panel, and Standing Seam systems. We offer strong labor warranties and No Dollar Limit manufacturer warranties on specific projects.  Holden Roofing’s installers can customize flashings, parapet wall caps, and gravel guards to meet each property’s specific requirements. We address all roof top insulation needs from basic, to taper systems which alleviate water ponding.  Holden’s Commercial Roofing professionals will perform a thorough site evaluation, and then meet with you to discuss repair options, replacements, and customized maintenance package for your properties.


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Commercial Roofing by Holden Roofing Since 1961

Commercial Roofing Dallas Texas

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“Your Holden Sales Representative called on our business today, and I wanted to say how courteous and helpful he was. I had many questions and he had a patient answer for all of them. His explanations were concise, however, very understandable to those of us who are not “in-the-know.”

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